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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Worse Than the Kids... The Gallery: Trees

The theme over at The Gallery this week is Trees and I think Tara loves them almost as much as me! I even have a 'favourite tree' which I visit drive past regularly.

This photo was taken last summer, much to my mum's despair, when we took Elle, Belle and the Little Uncles to play at a river. She said she had enough to worry about without me and and Teenage Daughter breaking our necks (the Little Uncles were playing 'pooh sticks' on the bridge and were getting dangerously enthusiastic)!


  1. Brilliant photo :) - you're never too old to climb a tree!

  2. Haha great post and a lovely photo. I'm a sucker for Pooh Sticks :)

  3. Little Grandma says, you and Teenage Daughter ARE the kids! Fancy climbing a tree with just your socks on!

  4. Thank you for entering the competition. I was starting to think everyone was ignoring me.
    FABULOUS tree photo xx

  5. Just made the pic bigger and saw the socks - hee hee x

  6. Teenage Daughter HAD to take her shoes off, they were high heels!