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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Introducing our Director of Granny Knitters...

(Drum roll)... Big Grandma!

Big Grandma has insisted I make it clear that the term 'big' is nothing to do with her size, but more to do with her age and being the great grandma!

Ever since I mentioned her workforce in 'The Ladybeard Concept', she has been (not so subtly) hinting that they should have a whole post dedicated to their work.

Along with a couple of her good friends, Big Grandma has kindly volunteered her knitting services to help build our supply by knitting hats from our 'Wrap hats' range ready for us to sew up and finish.

Big Grandma's thought of the day is:

'The more men I meet, the more I know I want to be on my own.'

By the way, she'd like to know what you think of her new 'pixie cut' she had done especially for the 'photoshoot'.


  1. suits you!!!!

  2. Lovely post and lovely hair do!!!

  3. Suits you Mavis! LOL at the big grandma comment! Kepp up the good work...we miss you at work! xxx