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Thursday, 31 March 2011

A Day in the chaotic life of Little Grandma, The Museum

A post by Little Grandma.

This was last weekend.

After spending the best part of Saturday with my head down the toilet, whilst leaving The Viking to hold the fort (childcare only, not housework); Sunday, I decided to take the 3 Little Uncles and Belle to a museum (Rosie's suggestion; I don't think she realises museums are full of expensive, breakable objects which don't mix well with Little Uncles).

Only four loads of washing, Saturday's entire washing up, and the usual bum-wiping, wrestling and referreeing to contend with while The Viking had a well earned lie-in (ahem!), before we could set off in the car.

We like to listen to music in the car and The Littlest Uncle's favourite at the moment is 'Nu ska vi sjunga', a compilation of Swedish songs. He sings along so beautifully, with his dear little voice and angelic expression; until someone dares to interrupt, or join in the singing, then he sounds like a tortured animal and screams and screams until I remove the cd from the player, and play it again, from the start. This doesn't go down very well with the other two Uncles I hasten to add.

Needless to say, I arrived at the museum with a bit of a headache.

Craving for coffee, but knowing that a visit to the museum cafe would be a very expensive trip to hell, we began to look round...

First at 'your history through the decades', not bad in here, plenty of things for the kids to look at and touch, then on to the natural history section. This is where I began to wish I had a few extra arms, and a spare head. Poor Little Professor (the Biggest Uncle), he was so interested in everything, and was desperately wanting to share his newly aquired knowledge with me, but I was too busy consolling the Littlest Uncle who was getting increasingly concerned about the large display of stuffed animals; and trying to keep my eye on Belle. Meanwhile, Action Man (Middle Uncle), was getting more and more daring with his little climbing stunts.

Next, we looked at the Spitfire. As I listened with interest to the Biggest Uncle regurgitating facts and figures, Belle sneaked under the barrier. I hid my face like a criminal on News at 10, climbed over the bars, and grabbed her. Hastily we moved on. By now, Action Man was no longer able to surpress his urges to climb and throw himself on the floor. At one point he was pivoted over a barrier, leaning head-first into an excavated burial chamber, complete with skeleton. I thought it was time to leave.

On the whole though, the museum visit was a success; everyone was enthusiastic and inquisitive, and there were no expensive breakages or serious injuries.


  1. Glad the visit went well. Love the picture at the bottom there!

    You made me smile when you said your OH held the fort - childcare only. Well, we could never expect them to multitask!

    We have been placed in the same BMB commenting ring, so thought I would come over and say hi.

    Mich x

  2. Oh it sounds like you had fun, but you are very brave I don't think I would take even just Baba to a musuem. Hats off to you xx