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My motto: It's not the wrong way; just a different way... This blog tracks my chaotic life as a mum of six wonderful children and one gorgeous granddaughter, my addiction to knitting and all things crafty, oh, and life with The Viking...

Monday, 28 February 2011

The Ladybeard Concept

So we decided that we needed to extend our workforce and in addition to our 'granny knitters' we thought a little child labour wouldn't go amiss.

After several minutes of avid concentration, the littlest uncle ran into the kitchen shouting "Mum! Mum! I've knitted you a.... a BEARD!!!"

Does anybody think there's a market for Ladybeards?

Sunday, 27 February 2011

It all started with a hat...

Hi, we are Helen and Rosie, a mother and daughter who by some coincidence both have a daughter the same age- Elle and Belle; the inspiration for our handmade journey.

But, it all started with a hat... When I (Rosie) was little, i had a gorgeous 'pixie' bonnet and more than anything I wanted it for my daughter, but of course my mum 'mislaid' it somewhere, so she decided to learn how to knit and make one and another and another... She became addicted to knitting.

The hats soon became talk of the town and due to my mum's small addiction problem, we were able to supply a local shop with a number of hats.

Then, we decided that if hats made by people who can't knit sell like hot cakes, then there must be a market for dresses made by people who can't sew!

We invite you, from our sewing room, come dining room, come spare bedroom when The Viking gets kicked out of bed (but more on that later), to join us on our handmade journey.

What do you think?