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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Belated Birthday Skirt...

A post by Little Grandma,

I don't know if lack of sleep is to blame for my forgetfulness; I hope it is, because at least then one day I may return to 'normal', whatever that is...

Anyway, last week, after a mildly traumatic separation at the preschool, trying to take my mind off it, I tuned into radio 2 in the car. I just caught the end of  a listener phone in or something and I heard the phrase, something like, "...it's a shame... humans can't buy additional memory.."

Eeks! That reminded me... back in half term the Littlest Uncle was invited to a birthday party. Well, typically I had left present buying till the last minute, despite having had the invitation for 3 weeks.

Anyway, on the day of the party I decided to buy a present en route. Feeling quite pleased with myself for running on time and having clean hair, I went to load the Littlest Uncle and Belle into the car. I don't know why the car decided that this was a good time to practise 'his' audition for the circus, but after being locked in, and locked out, and watching 'his' impromptu flashing light display, I decided it was probably safer to walk to the party. I left the Viking to deal with the car.

I arrived at the party, late, without present, looking like Captain Cave Man because i'd sprinted the whole way, and probably with grot on my knees from crawling about in the car. I made my apologies, the mum was lovely, and I promised to drop a present off at Preschool the following week. That was 5 weeks ago.

So, last week I remembered that i'd forgot, then I forgot again. Today I remembered again and, before I forgot, I made this for the Littlest Uncle's 4 year old friend:

 I thought a coordinating headband might be a nice touch
I just need to remember to give it to her now!


  1. this piece is soooo cute, i love the add on headband too.xx

  2. I knew I'd miss someone. Sorry sweetie. xx