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Saturday, 5 March 2011

A day in the chaotic life of Little Grandma

A post by Little Grandma

This was yesterday, friday

A quiet moment, I thought...

I had spent the morning with Belle and The Littlest Uncle at a local toddler group and they'd danced, sang, done some crafty stuff (or in Belle's case, swallowed a sticker or two!), and eaten a healthy snack.

Anyway, after all that, I decided not to feel guilty about leaving them to watch Cbeebies while I got on with some sewing. Sounds easy enough, however, this is not a case of simply swanning into my well equipped sewing room that boasts views of local beauty spots. It's more a case of entering our dining room, cum sewing room, cum spareroom (when the Viking gets kicked out of bed), and I do this with somewhat nervous anticipation; did I have time to clean up the breakfast mess amidst the morning chaos of wrestling with three Little Uncles and a baby, and trying to convince Teenage Daughter that breakfast is more important than hair? Would I find over- turned bowls of half- eaten weetabix slop, raisins stuck to the walls and a carpet of crushed branflakes on the floor?

No, on this particular occasion, I had already made a half- hearted attempt to clean up before the school run; in between three poos, a handbag pilfering incident (what did Belle do with my car keys?), and a teenage eyebrow disaster. That's good. So all that I needed to do was haul out the plastic boxes filled with craft paraphernalia from under the dining room table, locate several tins of buttons from various hidden and out-of- reach locations and unearth my sewing machine that had been buried under The Viking's guitar.

Phew, all that done and the dining room looks like a small manufactoring unit and I am ready to go...

Until the phone rings.

Enroute to the phone, I notice that Belle is attempting to climb onto the windowsill and the Littlest Uncle wants to spit out a banana into my hand. I answer the phone assuming it must be the school; Belle under one arm, sloppy banana dripping through my other hand, and the voice on the other end says "Have you got a minute to take part in a survey?"!


  1. Great blog and very funny, mum recommended that i pop over and have a quick read.

  2. V funny post. found you via BMB.
    good luck with the business, love the look of the blog