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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Little Grandma's Simple Pleasures- The Gallery

The Gallery's theme at Sticky Fingers this week is 'Simple Pleasures'. This is Little Grandma's interpretation:

"The theme 'Simple Pleasures' conjures up many thoughts and images in my mind like watching the sunset with a warm cone of chips, or the satisfying crackling that can be heard when hoovering up 'Hama' beads... but my favourite indulgence at the moment is;

Sitting in my car,
Littlest Uncle and Belle sound asleep,
MY choice on the radio (NOT 'The Wiggles' on repeat!),
Large thermal mug of coffee,
A  'secret' stash of chocolate biscuits
 And a few minutes peace and quiet to get on with some knitting."

What are your simple pleasures?

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