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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Just cut a bit off and hope for the best...

Big Grandma and Little Grandma set to work today bringing to life our Spring Bonnet design. They may have cramped working conditions and unconventional measuring methods like "about 'this' big" or "well, just cut a bit off and hope for the best", but they are very happy with the end result.

Big Grandma's thought of the day is: "Be kind to your grandma; she won't be around for much longer."

This was prompted when The Littlest Uncle wouldn't share his chocolate buttons with her, and Little Grandma's answer to that was, "I hope that doesn't apply to me, I'm only 37!"


  1. Well, my nearly-3-yr-old's baby bonnets, knitted with love by Grandma, only just fit her now, and she thinks it's great fun to dress up as a baby!


    I do think the little pixie bonnet is cute, though.

  2. Aww she makes a cute 'baby'!

    Thankyou :)