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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Reversible Tunic Dress

A post by Little Grandma,

Up to now I have made several bodged attempts at designing and making a tunic style dress that is reversible, versatile enough to wear on it's own or over a top and trousers, and easy to slip on and off. I decided that the hood on Belle's Reject Dress, although quite cute and potentially a good sun protector, was a bit awkward; I've produced something that looked a bit too much like a hospital gown, I've spilt tea on my work, got tangled up in elastic, I've experimented with buttons, and attempted many different ways of constructing the garment...

 Determined to make a dress from my own design, rather than from a bought pattern, I persevered.

Today I used some fabric from my stash that was nice enough for Belle to wear if the dress was a success, but not so special that I would be upset if it ended up being turned into badly fitting doll's outfits!

This is the result. You'll have to take my word for it when I say it's reversible; I couldn't bear to whip it off her in the cold!

Anyway, the dress passed all the tests:
It survived an afternoon at the park; Belle could climb the slide in it, fall over and get up again in it, crawl about in the dirt in it, waddle after the ducks in it.....


  1. Your perserverance paid off! the tunic look lovely, well done x

  2. Lovely tunic. I particularly like the gathered elasticated neckline. I struggle enough with a Cloth Kits design, let alone anything more complicated! You are very talented! x

  3. Just saw the top of the post again and must correct myself:

    'Grandma is a ver talented lady', though you are too, of course :) x

  4. Ah, thankyou!! I have told Rosie, the technical one, to put a rogues gallery on the side of the blog because I think it might be a bit confusing as to who we all are!!
    Rosie - Elle's mum
    Little G - Belle's and Rosie's and 3 Little Uncles and Teenage Daughter's mum
    Big G - Little G's mum
    Crikey, I've confused myself now

  5. Phew! I was feeling confused and also terrible for getting the wrong end of the stick regarding your identity - but I totally forgive myself now though as that is very complicated!!!! Lol. :)

    Well, Little G, you are very talented! As I'm sure you both are/all are. Ok, I'm still a little confused... ;) x