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Saturday, 21 May 2011

My Fear of Sewing Machines...

The other day, I decided I should combat my fear of sewing machines (As I mentioned before, they seem to just die in my presence). So, I decided to make Elle a new buggy liner with a matching blanket... sounds pretty simple...

However, as soon as the first stitch went down, CLUNK... I'd already broken the sewing machine!

Still determined to make this liner, I drove to the nearest sewing machine repair shop which is miles away; and then when you get there, you have to park a good few streets away, from where I had to struggle with the machine and a baby IN THE RAIN!

When I got there, the sewing machine man kindly agreed to look at my 'broken' machine right there and then. Now, all he did was flip it open, fiddled for about 3 seconds and then claimed it was mended!

Anyway, that night I managed to make these! I was very surprised; the machine didn't even break once! (Touch wood).  

 Even Elle looks happy with it!


  1. That buggy liner is really good!

    where did you get the lovely material from?