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Friday, 6 May 2011


I took Elle to a farmer's market the other day. It was wonderful going round all the stands sampling the different foods... but as I approached the cheese stand, a little voice shouted 'CHEESE!'.

I gave Elle a sample of the cheese and thought that would be it, but no, she wanted more! Every time I tried to move away from the cheese stand she would go stiff in her pushchair and scream at the top of her voice.

I tried giving her all sorts of weird cheeses like Stilton and some sort of 'red hot chili cheese' to put her off, but still she persisted. The cheese man thought the whole scenario was hilarious; it must have been brilliant to see someone so enthusiastic about his cheese.

After Elle had eaten all of the vendor's samples, I couldn't exactly just walk off without buying...  so now I have a fridge full of expensive cheeses, and I don't even LIKE cheese!

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  1. Aha, but somebody else does!! Great post! Emma :)