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Monday, 23 May 2011

The Joy of Teenage Daughter

A post by Little Grandma

Now that the dreaded GCSE's are upon us and Teenage Daughter only has to attend school for exams, she has a lot more time on her hands... she's been very busy revising watched the complete box set of Lord of the Rings, got up early to help me clean the house rolled out of bed at lunchtime, and her hair has changed colour a few times...

...any mum of a Teenage Daughter will know that when you find something like this on the kitchen worktop, it's best not to venture into the bathroom at all; not unless you want to be done for murder!

Anyway, this manure cocktail natural henna hair dye, which was so considerately mixed using my kitchen utensils, seems to be part of her 'natural and healthy phase', which is great; she's decided that she can't eat meat anymore, has to avoid dairy (interestingly this doesn't seem to include icecream), and excess amounts of pastry. Having four small children to prepare meals for, I always get a little nervous about how i'm going to fit this in with teenage eating fads and fancies. When I asked her what she would like for tea, she replied...pot noodle(!!!)...not one of the 'meat flavoured' varieties ofcourse

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  1. lol! my teenage sister is the same. she has gone veggie. with exception to mc donalds!!