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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Half-term starts as it means to go on...

A post by Little Grandma

Friday afternoon (late)

Leaving The Viking in charge of the 3 Little Uncles ( I'm loving that bit), I head into town to buy some knitting yarn. I had none left. None whatsoever. So when I found that both knitting shops in town were closed I got a bit panicky; until I rediscovered charity shops. On entering the first shop, Belle almost stopped breathing with sheer excitement when she spotted a Baby Annabel pushchair. I bought it ofcourse, without hesitation. It wasn't until afterwards I worried I may be setting a trend that I would begin to regret...

Anyway, I came out of the same shop armed with a small stash of wool and eager to start knitting friday's hat; which I started at about midnight

As usual, the morning started early; Belle and the Littlest Uncle were kind enough to get me out of bed before 6am. This is their way of ensuring that way I can really get the most out of each day (!) This morning, the Middle Uncle (aka Action Man), was looking forward to going to a birthday party, so by 8am the dining room floor had a lovely sparkling carpet of glitter and sequins, and his friend had several homemade birthday cards.

The Viking kindly volunteered to take Action Man to the party (easier than staying at home with the other 4). Anyway, it wasn't until they were about to leave that we realised the Littlest Uncle thought he was going too. Poor little man, he was so upset, he cried so much that tears ran down the outside of his Optimus Prime mask. We also realised at that point why he had got dressed up in the Transformer costume; it must have been especially for the party.

The Littlest Uncle holds the world record for maintaining screaming tantrums for impressively long periods, so I had to think on my feet...

I whisked him outside where he just couldn't resist a cuddle from the beautiful Mavis, one of his pet guinea pigs, and the Transformer was transformed.

And here is friday's hat, knit on saturday, and courteously modelled by a bottle of red (keeping it warm for later)

I expect there is more of this to look forward to over the coming week; more early mornings, more tears and tantrums, more cuddles, more late night knitting, and hopefully more wine!

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  1. Always more wine! I love the hat and I adore charity shops. I had to stop buying my kids bits as they expected it every time we popped in! lol

    Mich x