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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Gallery - Mustachioed

A post by Little Grandma

The theme over at Sticky Fingers is Mustachioed. I couldn't resist using this as an opportunity to share a picture of The Viking, our resident man about the house, who happens to be Swedish

Ok, maybe I am cheating a bit and the picture would be more appropriate to the theme 'wiggy' or 'Jesus Christ Superstar'; but he does have a moustache!


  1. brilliant catalogue pose!

  2. He looks so proud!
    I wish it was acceptable to have a mo around here

  3. Stunning and makes you want to get to know him better

  4. Love it. Reminds me of the hair I had back in the 80s. On my head, that is!

  5. Imagine if his moustache had been as lustrous and curly as his wig! fab.

  6. What a pose!! I would definitely go with "Jesus Christ Superstar"!!