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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Button Mania

A Post by Little Grandma

After the challenges of half-term, why on earth did I think that going out for tea at Morrison's cafe, with 4 small children, would be the nice, relaxing, 'easy' option for tea on the first day back at school??

During our short but eventful visit, the Middle Uncle (aka Action Man), was lucky enough to spot three 'celebrities':

Grandpa in my pocket,
Blitzer Malony (all skinny and boney)
and a pregnant man!

These rare sightings stirred up rather a lot of excitement amongst the three boys; sightings of this type are highly significant in a small town, especially the pregnant man; who if discovered would undoubtedly be a subject of special scientific interest. Anyway, Action Man wasn't going to keep this news to himself; he announced it very loudly to what felt like the whole town...

Later that evening, after I had put a bag over my head and whisked them all back home where I nailed them to their beds read stories and sang lullabies; I discovered a lovely way to relax and a new obsession. In fact I have been far too engrossed in my new fetish to blog about it until tonight...

Button jewellery. I can't get enough of it! I've made vintage button bracelets and necklaces galore
Here are a few...


  1. At least you have a good few weeks until the summer hols, we only have a week and a half before they begin here!!! Especially love the necklaces! Emma :)

  2. Thankyou Emma! My partner (The Viking) is Swedish, they also start the hols early and hav a massive 10 weeks off I think :0