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Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding - A Girl Thing?

A post by Little Grandma

As you may or may not know (pay attention Martians), today, a Royal Wedding took place.  
There has been something of a build up to the Big Day in the media; the dress, the vows, the guests, the expense... It has also been the topic of discussion and celebration in primary schools all over the country. In fact, the school that two of my boys (aka The Little Uncles) attend, held a themed party yesterday and every child received a beautiful commemorative coin. I asked the younger of the two boys (age 5) what the party was for and he replied that he didn't know but that it was ok because he'd been given some 'money'. The older boy, age 7, knew that the party was in celebration of the royal wedding, he even knew their names, but still seemed totally disinterested. This morning, the only thing they wanted the tv screen for was the playstation (tut, tut).

In contrast, the daughters of one of my closest friends, with whom I think I share about the same level of interest in the royal family, were full of excitement this morning. The eldest, age 7, even woke her mum up to ask what she thought Kate was doing at that moment...

It must have been lovely to see the girls so excited. I think I might have been able to muster up a bit more interest if I'd had little girls showing such enthusiasm. I did watch some of the coverage with Teenage Daughter, which was nice; she loves to see what everyone is wearing, but the whole Princess wedding thing seems to be so much more magical through the eyes of a little girl...

Anyway, other bloggers are taking this opportunity to share their own wedding photos. I haven't got any, because I'm not married, but I do have my own tiny Princess and handsome Prince

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