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Friday, 15 April 2011

Late night sewing frenzy!

A post by Little Grandma,

Having four small people to chase around the house, and Teenage Daughter's boyfriend/hair/eyebrow disasters to contend with; I really struggle to find time to properly get stuck into my sewing. Last night, however, I had a total sewing frenzy! Rosie had been approached by 'The Lady in The Shop' and was asked if we could take some items in as they are having an 'Open Day' on saturday. So, when the Little Uncles and Belle had finally settled down to sleep (it was about 10pm by the time the fussing about, getting up for wees and so on were done); I got cracking.

Four hours and several bars of chocolate cups of tea later, I had made 6 spring bonnets, a couple of which I made in gorgeous Alexander Henry 'Starling' fabric, and finished off a couple of reversible dresses. Phew!



  1. well done u! they all look sooo cute!

  2. You are a creative genius!! Which is the reason I have given you another award!!! Check out my post to see what it is!!

  3. All of that in just 4 hours?!?!?! I'm seriously impressed. It takes me months to make one item, though I'n not very good and not very dedicated. I'd never finish anything if my mother-in-law didn't kick me up the derriere every once in a while :D

    Those reversible dresses are fabulous! xXx

  4. I love the owl dresses...but I have boys..boo. I'm sure you will be able to sell as many as you can make! Just found your site and it is lovely - very inspiring! I make things too, but not as cleverly as you!

  5. Thankyou for your kind comments. We only started sewing and knitting fairly recently, and as we've had no 'proper' training it's been kind of 'trial and error'. If we can do it, anyone can!