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Thursday, 21 April 2011

A Day The Chaotic Life of Little Grandma - Holiday in Wales

A post by Little Grandma

The blog has been a little quiet lately, this is because we have been wreaking havoc in Wales.

There have been sword fights on Llandudno pier;

Cuddles in the caravan;

Wreckless driving;

Monkey business in the play area; in fact, monkey business everywhere! I often think that being out and about with the 3 Little Uncles must be something like having 3 badly trained dogs in tow: they don't sniff strangers' bums or poo on the floor, but they do have boundless energy, run about in all directions, jump on and off walls, attack each other, completely ignore me when I shout at them like a mad woman ask them to stop, constantly pick up anything gross off the floor interesting objects and often only respond when bribed with sweets and chocolate...

So, having the freedom to run around on the beach was just what we all needed. The weather was beautiful; chasing waves, building sandcastles and collecting shells kept us all busy for hours...

The Littlest Uncle (a keen animal lover), even managed to make friends with several dead crabs and a grey snotty blob thing, which he affectionately described as 'beautiful animals'...

I did intend to do some knitting whilst on holiday (remember my Hat a Day pledge?), unfortunately I managed only half a very tightly knitted hat. Tightly knitted, because the only knitting I managed to do was in the car, and although The Viking is a very competent driver, I am a terribly nervous passenger! Half a hat, because Belle threw up in the car on the way home. This was full-on carrot stew type vomit and everything I needed to clean her up with was buried under a pushchair and several days worth of dirty washing.She was happily consoled, however, whilst I gently and reassuringly stroked her sick-covered leg...


  1. bless! looks like u had a fab time in the wonderful sunshine!xx

  2. Awww I love North Wales!!