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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Rosie has left the building...

The theme over at Sticky Fingers this week is Travel. I suppose I could have taken this opportunity to share tales of our adventures in Sweden with The Viking... walks through the forest picking mushrooms, swimming in the lakes, trampolining with the Swedish cousins...

However, this week, Rosie has abandoned Our Handmade Journey and travelled over to her own lovely blog, leaving Little Grandma all alone to cope with the chaos, knit the hats, admire the spiders...and so on...

Wish her luck on travelling solo...


  1. Good luck to Rosie, I will pop over and take a look! Hope you had a great time in Sweden, and didn't encounter any tics!! Emma :)

  2. We did have a few encounters with tics, horrible little devils!!

  3. Thanks 'little grandma'... lol and you've got to admit I wasn't much use with the hat knitting anyway! xxx

  4. Oh good luck Rosie and off to check out your blog now! You will be fine alone...you do a grand job! x