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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Gothic Prom Princess

Last thursday was Teenage Daughter's High School Prom. She didn't want to dress up as a pink meringue or Lady Gaga; instead she wanted a gothic fairytale inspired dress, in black. The dress was finished in a bit of a panic on thursday morning, but worth it. Doesn't she look fabulous!

A few minor adjustments to the tiara...

Where's the tiara gone??

A proud moment for dad...


  1. Beautiful indeed and what a stunning outfit. You must have all been very proud.

  2. Gorgeous, wish she'd left that beautiful tiara on that she made though!!! xxx

  3. Thankyou, Lins' lleisio, we are very proud of her, she's a wonderful daughter

  4. She looks stunning, and how refreshing that she didn't feel she had to be a 'pink princess' like everyone else does. You must be proud. Nat

  5. she looks fab! good for her dressing in a style that shows her as an individual.very viviene westwood

  6. What a delightful young man of a father.

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